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  Team Region Record Region Points Overall Record
1. Thompson 13-0 24-0 34-7
2. May-Port CG 11-2 20-4 16-13
2. Park River-Fordville-Lankin 10-2 20-4 25-10
4. Drayton-Valley-Edinburg 10-3 18-6 29-8
5. Hillsboro-Central Valley 8-5 16-8 18-12
6. Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page 7-5 14-10 20-12
7. Cavalier 8-7 10-14 16-13
7. Hatton-Northwood 5-8 10-14 12-16
9. Midway-Minto 5-9 8-16 15-17
10. Griggs County Central 3-9 6-18 10-21
10. North Border 3-11 6-18 7-17
12. Grafton 3-12 4-20 7-20
13. Larimore 0-14 0-24 3-21


Schedule & Scores


31st Annual Northern Cass Tournament

Pool A
Cavalier w2-1 vs. South Border
Cavalier w2-1 vs. Wyndmere-Lidgerwood
Cavalier w2-0 vs. Milnor-North Sargent

Northern Cass w2-0 vs. Hillsboro-Central Valley
Northern Cass w 2-0 vs. Griggs County Central
Hillsboro-Central Valley w2-0 vs. Griggs County Central
Hillsboro-Central Valley w2-0 vs. North Border
Griggs County Central w2-0 vs. orth Border

Pool D
Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w2-0 vs. West Fargo JV
Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w2-0 vs. Larimore
Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w2-0 vs. Grafton
West Fargo JV w2-1 vs Griggs County Central
West Fargo JV w2-0 vs. Larimore
Grafton w2-0 vs. Larimore

Pool E

Langdon-Edmore-Munich w2-0 vs. Hatton-Northwood
Richland w2-0 vs. Hatton-Northwood
Kindred w2-0 vs. Hattton-Northwood

Tournament Play
Red Bracket

Hatton-Northwood w2-0 vs Benson County

North Border w2-0 vs. Larimore

Championship: Hatton-Northwood w2-0 vs. North Border

White Bracket
South Border w2-0 vs. Grafton

Blue Bracket
Hillsboro-Central Valley w2-1 vs Griggs County Central
Championship: Hillsboro-Central Valley w2-0 vs. Kindred

Championship Bracket
Northern Cass w2-0 vs. Cavalier
Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w2-0 vs. Wyndmere-Lidgerwood
Langdon-Edmore-Munich w2-0 vs. Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page

Championship LaMoure-Litchville-Marion w2-0 vs. Langdon Area-Edmore Municch

Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Oak Grove w3-1

Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0 @ Larimore

Barnes County North @ Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-1

Grafton @ North Border w3-2
Lakota @ Hatton-Northwood w3-0
Midkota w3-2 @ Griggs County Central
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0 @ Dakota Prairie


May-Port CG @ Central Cass
Thompson @ Langdon w3-0
Hatton-Northwood @ Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0
Midway-Minto w3-2 @ Larimore
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0 @ Grafton
Carrington w3-0 @ Griggs County Central

Hillsboro-Central Valley w3-1 vs. Climax-Fisher

North Border w3-0 @ Lakota


Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Thompson w3-0

Dakota Prairie @ May-Port CG w3-0

Grafton w3-0 @ Larimore

Langdon w3-0 @ Cavalier

Park River-Fordville-Lankin @ Northern Cass w3-1
North Border @ Midway-Minto w3-0
North Star @ Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0


Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0 @ North Border

Thompson w3-0 @ North Star
May-Port CG w3-2 @ Park River-Fordville-Lankin
Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-2
Hatton-Northwood w3-1 @ Grafton
Griggs County Central w3-1@ Cavalier


Volley in the Valley @ Central Cass

Pool A

LaMoure-L-M w2-0 vs. DVE
DVE w2-0 vs. Heart River
Central Cass tied DVE

Our Redeemers w2-0 vs. MPCG
Ellendale w2-0 vs. MPCG
MPCG w2-0 vs Hankinson
Pool D

PRFL w2-0 vs. Milnor-Nort Sargent
PRFL w2-0 vs. Barnes County North
PRFL w2-0 vs. Wilton-Wing
Hazen w2-0 vs Thompson
Thompson w2-0 vs. Oakes
Thompson w2-0 vs. Kindred

Tournament Brackets

Gold Division

Our Redeemers w2-1 vs. Thompson
Park River-Fordville-Lankin w2-0 vs. Hazen
Thompson w2-0 vs. Hazen
Our Redeemer's w2-1 vs. PRFL
Thompson w2-0 vs. Des Lacs-Burlington

Silver Division
DVE w2-0 vs. Hettinger-Scranton
Oakes w2-1 vs. MPCG
MPCG w2-0 vs. Barnes County North
DVE w2-0 vs. Milnor-North Sargent
Consolation: Hettinger-Scranton w2-0 vs. MPCG
Championship Central Cass w2-0 vs. DVE


Hatton-Northwood w3-2 @ Warren-Alvarado-Oslo


Grafton @ Thompson w3-0
North Border @ Hillsboro-Central Valley w3-1
Griggs County Central @ Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0
Cavalier @ May-Port CG w3-0
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-1 @ Hatton-Northwood 
Carrington @ Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-1
Midway-Minto w3-0 @ Dakota Prairie


Thompson w3-0 @ Drayton-Valley-Edinburg
Midway-Minto @ Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0
Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page @ Hillsboro-Central Valley w3-2
May-Port CG w3-0 @ Griggs County Central
Cavalier w3-2 @ Larimore
North Border @ Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w3-0


26th Annual Valley City Optimists Tournament
Medina-Pingree-Buchanan w2-0 vs. Hillsboro-Central Valley

Central Cass w2-0 vs. Hillsboro-Central Valley
Hillsboro-Central Valley w2-0 vs. South Border

Pool B

Dickinson Trinity w2-0 vs. Griggs County Central
Oakes w2-0 vs. Griggs County Central
Griggs County Central w vs. Maple Valley

Pool C
PRFL w2-0 vs. Northern Cass
PRFL w2-0 vs. Sargent Central
PRFL w vs. Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter

Pool D

Carrington w vs. MPCG
Center-Stanton w2-0 vs. MPCG
Barnes County North w2-0 vs. MPCG

Pool F
LaMoure-Litchville-Marion w2-0 vs. FSHP
Richland w vs. FSHP
FSHP w2-0 vs. Wyndmere-Lidgerwood

Tournament Brackets
Medina-Pingree-Buchanan w2-0 vs. PRFL

MPCG w2-0 vs. Sargent Central
HCV w2-0 vs. Milnor-North Sargent
Wyndmere-Lidgerwood w2-0 vs. Griggs CC
FSHP w2-0 vs. South Border
Jamestown JV w2-0 vs. MPCG
HCV w2-1 vs. Napoleon-G-S
Jamestown JV w2-1 vs. FSHP
HCV w2-0 vs. Wyndmere-Lidgerwood
Championship: Jamestwon JV w2-1 vs. HCV

Grafton Tournament
Pool A
Cavalier w2-0 vs. Larimore
Cavalier w vs. Grafton
Larimore w vs. Grafton
Larimore w vs. Hatton-Northwood
Grafton w vs. Hatton-Northwood
Hatton-Northwood w vs. Cavalier

Pool B
DVE w2-0 vs GF Central JV
DVE w2-0 vs. Hankinosn
DVE w2-0 vs. North Border
Hankinson w2-0 vs. North Border
North Border w2-0 vs. GF Central JV

Pool C & D

Red River JV w2-0 vs. Midway-Minto
Midway-Minto w2-0 vs. Benson County
Midway-Minto w. vs Grafton JV
Tournament Bracket
Hankinson w2-0 vs. Cavalier
DVE w2-0 vs. Larimore
Midway-Minto w2-1 vs. Dakota Prairie
DVE w2-0 vs. Midway-Minto
3rd Place: Midway-Minto w2-1 vs. Hankinson
Championship: DVE w2-0 vs. Red River JV


Thompson w3-0 @ Midway-Minto
Hatton-Northwood @ North Border w3-2
Park River-Fordville-Lankin 3-2 @ North Star
Four Winds @ Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0
Larimore w3-2 @ Dakota Prairie
Griggs County Central w3-2 @ Barnes County North
Lakota @ Cavalier w3-0


North Border @ Thompson w3-0
Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0 @ Grafton
Hillsboro-Central Valley w3-1 @ Hatton-Northwood
May-Port CG w3-2 @ Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page
Griggs County Central w3-1 @ Larimore
Cavalier w3-1 @ Midway-Minto


Devils Lake Tournament
Pool A
Devils Lake JV w2-0 vs. Midway-Minto
Midway-Minto w vs. Velva-Sawyer
Midway-Minto ties Rolette-Wolford

Pool B
Bottineau w2-0 vs. Grafton
St. John w vs. Grafton
Grafton w vs. New Rockford-Sheyenne

Tournament Bracket
Grafton w2-0 vs. Rolla
New Rockford-Sheyenne w2-1 vs. Midway-Minto
North Star w2-1 vs. Grafton


Grafton w3-2 vs. Griggs County Central


Thompson w3-0 @ Hillsboro-Central Valley 

Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0 @ Hatton-Northwood 

Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0 @ Drayton-Valley-Edinburg

May-Port CG w3-0 vs. Larimore

Cavalier w3-1 vs. Grafton

Midway-Minto w3-2 vs. Griggs County Central


Midway-Minto @ May-Port CG w3-0

Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Central Cass w3-0

Thompson w3-1 @ Richland

Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page @ Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0

Cavalier @ Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0 but had to forfeit for a player playing in 3 matches


Des Lacs-Burlington Laker Invitational

Pool A
Thompson w2-0 vs. Des Lacs-Burlington
Thompson w2-0 vs. Powers Lake

Pool D
PRFL w2-0 vs. Kenmare
LaMoure-Litchville-Marion w2-0 vs. P


Des Lacs-Burlington Laker Invitational

Pool A
Thompson w2-0 vs. Linton-HMB
Thompson vs. Dickinon Triniity w

Pool D

PRFL w2-0 vs. Bishop Ryan

PRFL w2-0 vs. Beulah

Tournament Brackets

Championship Btacket

Dickinson Trinity w2-0 vs PRFL
LaMoure-Litchville-Marion w2-0 vs. Thompson
PRFL w2-1 vs. Carrington
Thompson w2-1 vs. Central Cass
5th Place: Thompson w2-0 vs. PRFL

Lisbon & Enderlin Tournament

@ Lisbon
Red Pool
Lisbon w2-0 vs. Griggs County Central
GCC w2-0 vs. Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter
GCC w2-0 vs. Sargent Central
GCC w2-0 vs. Maple Valley

Tournament Play
Championship Bracket
Kindred w2-1 vs. GCC
3rd Place: Edgeley-Kulm-Montpelier w2-0 vs. GCC

@ Enderlin

Oakes w2-0 vs. FSHP
FSHP w2-0 vs. Hankinson
FSHP w vs. Century JV

Tournament Bracket
Richland w2-0 vs. FSHP


Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page @ Thompson w3-0
Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0 @ Hillsboro-Central Valley
May-Port CG w3-0 @ Grafton
Larimore @ Midway-Minto w3-1
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0 @ Griggs County Central
North Border @ Cavalier w3-1


Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Cavalier
Midway-Minto @ Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-2 @ May-Port CG
Larimore @ Grafton w3-1
North Border @ Griggs County Central w3-0


Langdon Tournament

Pool A

Thompson w2-0 vs. North Border
Thompson w2-0 vs. Midway-Minto
Thompson w2-0 vs. Midkota
Thompson w2-0 vs. Dakota Prairie
Midway-Minto w vs, North Border
Midway-Minto w2-0 vs. Midkota
Midway-Minto w vs. Dakota Prairie
North Border tied Midkota
North Border w2-0 vs. Dakota Prairie

Pool B

Langdon-Edmore-Munich w2-0 vs. Cavalier

Langdon w2-0 vs. Hatton-Northwood

Langdon w2-0 vs. Drayton-Valley-Edinburg
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w2-0 vs. Cavalier
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w2-0 vs. Hatton-Northwood
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w2-0 vs. Lakota
Cavalier w vs. Hatton-Northwood
Cavalier w2-0 vs. Lakota
Hatton-Northwood w2-0 vs. Lakota

Tournament Bracket
Thompson w2-0 vs. Drayton-Valley-Edinburg
Langdon-Edmore-Munich w2-0 vs. Midway-Minto
3rd Place Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w2-0 vs. Midway-Minto
Championship Langdon-Edmore-Munich w2-0 vs. Thompson


Northern Cass @ Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0

Grafton @ Warren-Alvarado-Oslo, MN w3-0


Park River-Fordville-lankin @ Thompson w3-0
Griggs County Central @ Hillsboro-Central Valley w3-1
May-Port CG w3-1 @ North Border
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0 @ Larimore
Midway-Minto w3-0 @ Grafton
Cavalier @ Hatton-Northwood w3-0


Griggs County Central @ Thompson w3-0
Larimore @ Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0
May-Port CG w3-0 @ Hatton-Northwood 
Grafton @ Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0
Cavalier w3-2 @ North Border
Four Winds-Minnewaukan @ Midway-Minto w3-1


Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0 @ Maple Valley
Larimore @ Hillsboro-Central Valley w3-0
Grafton @ May-Port CG w3-1
Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w3-0 @ Park River-Fordville-Lankin


Hatton-Northwood @ Thompson w3-0
North Border @ Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0
Midway-Minto @ Cavalier w3-1
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0 @ Lakota


May-Port CG @ Northern Cass w3-0

Enderlin @ Griggs County Central w3-1

Rolla @ North Border w3-0


Thompson w3-1 @ May-Port CG
Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0 @ Cavalier 
Hillsboro-Central Valley w3-0 @ Midway-Minto
Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page @ Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0
Hatton-Northwood w3-2 @ Larimore


Larimore @ Thompson w3-0
Grafton @ Hillsboro w3-1


Griggs County Central @ Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0
Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-2 @ Cavalier
Midway-Minto @ Hatton-Northwood w3-1
North Border @ Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0


Thompson w3-0 @ Cavalier
Hillsboro-Central Valley @ May-Port CG w3-1
Grafton @ Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0
Larimore @ North Border w3-0
Hatton-Northwood w3-2 @ Griggs County Central
Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-1 @ Midway-Minto


Region 2 Play-in Games

#13 Larimore @ #4 Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0

#12 Grafton @ #5 Hillsboro-Central Valley w3-0

#11 North Border @ #6 Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page w3-0

#10 Griggs County Central @ #7 Hatton-Northwood w3-1

#9 Midway-Minto @ #8 Cavalier w3-0

Region 2 Volleyball Tournament @ Park River

All matches on KMAV 105.5 FM &



3:00 PM  #1 Thompson W3-0 vs. Cavalier

4:45 PM  #4 Drayton-Valley-Edinburg W3-2 vs. #5 Hillsboro-Central

6:30 PM  #2 May-Port CG W3-2 vs #7 Hatton-Norhwood

8:15 PM  #3 Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-0 vs. #6 Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page



5:00 PM Thompson w3-1 vs. Drayton-Valley-Edinburg

7:45 PM May-Port CG vs. Park River-Fordville-Lankin w3-2


5:00 PM 3rd Place Drayton-Valley-Edinburg w3-0 vs. May-Port CG

6:45 PM Championship Thompson w3-1 vs. Park River-Fordville-Lankin

Congratulations to the Thompson Tommies on the Region 2 Championship!

State Class B Volleyball Tournament @ Fargodome

11/16/17 Quarterfinals

1:00 PM  #2 Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w3-0 vs. Watford City

3:00 PM  #3 Thompson w3-0 vs. Shiloh Christian 

5:00 PM  #1 LaMoure-Litchville-Marion w3-0 vs. Central Cass

7:00 PM  #4 Our Redeemers w3-0 vs. #5 Dickinson Trinity


Consolation Semifinals

1:00 PM  Watford City w3-0 vs. Shiloh Christian

3:00 PM  Central Cass w3-1 vs. Dickinson Trinity


5:00 PM  Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich vs. Thompson w3-2

7:00 PM  LaMoure-Litchville-Marion w3-1 vs. Our Redeemers


11:00 AM 7th Place Shiloh Christian vs. Dickinson Trinity w3-0

 1:00 PM  5th Place Watford City vs. Central Cass w3-1

 3:00 PM 3rd Place Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w3-1

 5:00 PM  Championship Thompson vs. LaMoure-Litchville-Marion w3-0