Region 1 and Region 2 Schedule and Results


Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood @ West Fargo Horace w8-3


West Fargo Horace w17-12 @ Grafton

Badger-Green Bush-Middle River w9-4 @ Thompson

Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood @ Wheaton, MN w5-1


Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood vs. Shanley w7-5 @ Fargo Davies

Valley City @ Hillsboro-Central Valley w11-10

Kindred-Richland w7-2 vs. Vekva-Drake-Anamoose @ Minot State

Northern Cass vs. Velva-Drake-Anamoose w12-3 @ Minot State


Kindred-Richland vs. Des lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark w16-5 @ MiSU

Kindred-Richland vs. Beulah w4-2 @ Minot State

Northern Cass vs. Des Lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark w9-7 @ Minot State


Northern Lights @ Bottineau w22-4


Carrington @ Harvey-Wells County w16-5

Pembina County North @ Grafton w11-5

Nelson County-Midkota w17-9 @ Larimore 2pts

Northern Cass w4-2 @ Central Cass

Enderlin w13-11 @ Hillsboro-Central Valley

Kindred-Richland w10-4 @ Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood 


Thompson w20-3 @ Carrington

Northern Lights @ Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w33-0 2pts

Nelson County-Midkota w19-6 @ Maple River 2pts

Northern Cass @ Kindred-Richland w9-2


Pembina County North @ Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w4-3

Midway-Minto @ May-Port CG 2 pts w12-0

Enderlin @ Central Cass w28-0


Grafton w17-1 @ Nelson County-Midkota 2pts

Thompson w26-4 @ Larimore

Midway-Minto @ Pembina County North 1 pt w16-1

Maple River @ Enderlin w17-0

Northern Cass @ Shanley w5-4


Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich @ May-Port CG-Hatton-Northwood ppd to 5-3-24

Larimore @ May-Port CG ppd to 4-20-24

Pembina County North @ Thompson

Hankinson-Tr- State-Lidgerwood @ Central Cass

Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Kindred-Richland


Carrington @ Northern Lights

Grafton @ Midway-Minto

Maple River @ Nelson County-Midkota

May-Port CG @ Thompson

Central Cass @ Kindred-Richland

Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood @ Enderlin

Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Fargo Davies


Nelson County-Midkota @ Carrington

Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich @ Midway-Minto

Kindred-Richland @ May-Port CG-Hatton-Northwood KMAV 105.5 FM

Northern Lights @ Pembina County North

Thompson @ Jamestown w6-0 & w19-15

Central Cass vs. Minot @ Dickinson

Central Cass vs. Bismarck Century @ Dickinson

West Fargo Horace @ Hillsboro-Central Valley


Larimore @ May-Port CG-Hatton-Northwood 2 pts w23-0

Thompson @ Red River w8-2

Central Cass vs. Jamestown w14-3 

Central Cass vs. Fargo North w5-4


May-Port CG-Hatton-Northwood 1 pt w15-0 @ Grafton

Northern Lights @ Thompsom w32-0

Carrington w10-6 @ Midway-Minto 2 pts

Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich @ Pembina County North w15-3

Kindred-Richland @ Central Cass w2-1 

Northern Cass @ Hillsboro-Central Valley w14-7

Northern Cass w10-9 @ Hillsboro-Central Valley


Nelson County-Midkota w6-5 @ Carrington 2pts

Larimore w18-17 @ Midway-Minto 2pts

Central Cass w 21-4 @ Hilsboro-Central Valley

Kindred-Richland w35-0 & w16-4 @ Enderlin

Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood @ Northern Cass w3-0


Grafton w13-11 @ Midway-Minto 2pts


MPCG-HN 2pts w13-1 @ Nelson County-Midkota 2pts

Midway-Minto @ Thompson 2pts w30-7

Central Cass w16-0 @ Northern Cass

Hillsboro-Central Valley w21-4 @ Enderlin

Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood @ Kindred Lidgerwood w10-6


Carrington @ Grafton

Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich vs. Des Lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark

Larimore @ Northern Lights

MPCG-HN vs. Renville County @ Minot South Hill Complex


Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w16-6 vs. Rugby @ South Hill Complex Minot

Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich vs. Velva-Drake-Anamoose w10-4 @ Minot

MPCG-HN w3-1 vs. Beulah @ South Hill Complex Minot

MPCG-HN w6-0 vs. Deslacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark @ Minot

HCV vs. Des Lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark w7-4 @ Minot

Hillsboro-Central Valley vs. Renville County w9-2

Northern Cass vs. Velva-Drake-Anamoose w12-0

Northern Cass vs. Beulah w15-2


Larimore @ Carrington

MPCG-HN w16-4 @ Pembina County North 2pts

Midway-Minto @ Nelson County-Midkota w18-8 2pts

Thompson w4-3 vs. Kindred-Richland

Fargo Davies @ Central Cass w6-0


Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich @ Larimore

MPCG-HN @ Northern Lights

Thompson w20-1 @ Nelson County-Midkota 2pts

Kidndred-Richland w22-3 @ Northern Cass


Midway-Minto w37-4 @ Northern Lights 2pts


Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich @ Carrington

Grafton @ May-Port C-HN 1pt (Northwood) KMAV 105.5 FM

Midway-Minto @ Northern Lights 2pts

Nelson County-Midkota @ Pembina County North 2pts

Central Cass w20-1 & w22-1 @ Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood


Carrington w @ Northern Lights

Fargo Davies @ MPCG-HN

Pembina County North @ Thompson 2pts

Grand Forks Central @ Thompson

Valley City @ Kindred-Richland w10-0

Northern Cass @ Fargo South w14-4


Thompson w1-0 @ Central Cass


May-Port CG w32-2 @ Carrington 2pts

Northern Lights @ Grafton w23-0

Larimore @ Grafton w16-6

Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich @ Thompson w31-10

Pembina County North @ Midway-Minto 1pt w17-5

Harvey-Wells County w11-3 @ Nelson County North-Midkota

Northern Cass @ Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood w3-0

Kindred-Richland w11-1 @ Hillsboro-Central Valley


Carrington @ Pembina County North 2pts

Thompson @ MPCG-HN w12-10 & w16-12

Nelson County-Midkota @ Northern Lights 2pts

Central Cass w4-1 @ Kindred-Richland

Enderlin @ Hankinson-Tri Stae-Lidgerwood w26-3 & w8-6


Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich @ MPCG-HN 2 pts


Larimore @ Carrington 2pts w25-4

Nelson County-Midkota @ Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich 2pts w10-9

Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Central Cass w6-2

Harvey-Wells County @ Northern Cass w7-5


Carrington vs. Harvey-Wells County @ North Complex Minot

Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w15-9 vs. Harvey-Wells County @ Minot

Larimore w26-5 vs. New Towm @ Fargo

MPCG-HN w9-0 vs, Shanley @ North Complex

MPCG-HN w11-1 vs. Des Lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark @ North Complex

Pembina County w6-0 vs. Nelson County-Midkota @ Fargo

Ray w15-4 vs. Nelson County-Midkota

Thompson w10-0 vs. Velva-Drakie-Anamoose

Thompson w14-13 vs. West Fargo Horace

Devils Lake w17-6 vs. Grafton

Renville Countyt w17-7 vs. Hillsboro-Central Valley

Bottineau w11-4 vs. Hillsboro-Central Valley

Kindred-Richland w22-2 vs. Devils Lake


Carrington vs. Wahburn-Center-Stanton @ North Complex Minot

Carrington vs. Des Lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark @ Minot

Grafton vs. Bottineau w10-4 @ North Complex Minot

Grafton vs. Shanley w8-1

Washburn w5-1 vs. Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich

Ray w13-10 vs. Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich

Larimore vs. Nedrose w17-5 @ Fargo

Larimore vs. Heart River @ Fargo

MPCG-HN vs. Minot w2-1

Midway-Minto vs. Glenburn w16-13 @ Fargo

Midway-Minto w17-7 vs. Tioga

Pembina County North w12-2 vs. Tioga

Pembina County North w16-6 vs. Gkenburn

Bottineau w5-2 vs. Thompson

Grand Forks Central w10-9 vs. Hillsboro-Central Valley


Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich w12-8 @ Midway-Minto 2pts

Langdon Area-Edmore-Munich @ Grafton w9-7

Larimore @ Pembina County North w16-2 2pts

Northern Cass @ MPCG-HN KMAV 105.5 FM

Nelson County-Midkota w21-0 @ Northern Lights 2pts

Central Cass @ West Fargo w10-8

Northern Cass w14-12 & w3-2 @ Enderlin

Hillsboro-Central Valley w27-3 @ Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood 

Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood w7-6

Kindred-Richland @ Jamestown w9-6


Harvey-Wells County @ Carrington w12-3

MPCG-HN @ Central Cass w9-8

Maple River @ Nelson County-Midkota w32-1 2pts

Grafton @ Thompson w9-8 2pts

Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Kindred-Richland w10-4


Hillsboro-Central Valley @ Thompson w20-10


MPCG-HN w12-0 @ Hillsboro-Central Valley

Region 2 Softball

5-16-24 Play-in games

2:00 PM #5 Northern Lights @ #4 Midway-Minto w21-2

5:00 PM #5 Larimore @ #4 Carrington w23-3

Region 1 Play-in game Northern Cass w24-0 vs. Maple River



10:00 AM Midway-Minto @ MPCG-HN w20-0

  3:30 PM Nelson County-Midkota @ Pembina County North w11-1

11:00 AM Langdon area-Edmore-Munich @ Thompson w15-4

  1:00 PM Carrington w7-6 @ Grafton

Region 1 @ Hankinson

10:00 AM #4 Hillsboro-Central Valley w vs. #5 Enderlin w

12:00 PM #3 Hankinson-Tri State-Lidgerwood vs. #6 Northern Cass w

  2:00 PM Hilsboro-Central vs. #1 Central Cass w15-4

  4:00 PM 12 PM winner vs. #2 Kindred-Richland


Region 2 @ Grafton, ND


MPCH-HN w12-2 vs. Pembina 

Thompson w17-0 vs. Carrington

Loser-out Carrington w5-2 vs. Pembina County North

Region 1 @ Hankinson, ND

Loser-out Hillsboro-Central Valley vs. Northern Cass w4-3


Central Cass w2-1 vs. Kindred-Richland


Region 2

Championship MPCG-HN w13-2 vs. Thompson

State Qualifier Thompson w12-2 vs. Carington

Congratulations to the Patriots on back to back Region 2 Titles!  Good Luck @ State!

Congrations to Rylee Satrom Region Senior of the Year

Keenan Konschak Region 2 Coach of the Year


Region 1 

State Qualifier @ Hankinson

Northern Cass vs.  Kindred-Richland w9-6

State Class B Softball Tournament @ Lyle "Trapper" Lawrence Field Jamestown, ND


11:00 AM #2 Central Cass w13-2 vs. Renville County

  1:00 PM #3 Beulah w2-1 vs. Thompson

  4:00 PM #1 May-Port CG-Hatton-Northwoood vs. Velva-Drake-Anamoose w2-1

  6:00 PM #4 Kindred-Richland w9-6 vs. #5 Des Lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark


Consolation Semifinals

Thompson w9-7 vs. Renville County

MPCG-HN vs. Des Lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark w9-7


Central Cass w4-3 vs. Beulah

Velva-Drake-Anamoose vs. Kindred-Richland w11-0


7th Place MPCG-HN w7-1 vs. Renville County

5th Place Thompson vs. Des Lacs-Burlington-Lewis & Clark w6-5

3rd Place Beulah w6-1 vs. Velva-Drake0Anamose

1st Place Central Cass vs. Kindred-Richland w6-1


Congratulation the MPCG-HN Rylee Satrom who was named Senior of the year and Coach Keenan Konshak named Coach of the Year!